Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Contains No Damaging Chemical Stabilizers

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is far much safer compared to the brown container hydrogen peroxide you acquire at stores like Walmart, Walgreen's or CVS. The brown container 3% hydrogen peroxide has many unsafe chemical stabilizers in the bottle and food grade hydrogen peroxide does not contain them!


Hydrogen peroxide food grade has several health and wellness advantages, including making use of as a mouth wash for gum health and wellness, and also to assist avoid colds and the flu when used as in ear drops.


So, for simply a few cents, you can be caring for numerous aspects of your health and wellness making use of food grade hydrogen peroxide and also foregoing trips to the doctor's office where you'll be handed a prescription.


Lots of people, consisting of physicians do not recognize that vitamin C transforms to hydrogen peroxide in the body.


It's important to obtain adequate amounts of vitamin C from the food you consume and also if essential, supplement with it too. Intravenous vitamin C therapies are available also to assist enhance your immune system.

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